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BGM – 1X15

Introducing Dragon Threads Mitts – a fusion of craftsmanship and technology, meticulously designed to redefine your training experience. Crafted with a focus on precision and protection, these mitts offer an unparalleled level of performance for combat sports enthusiasts.

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Designed with superior impact absorption, our mitts provide a comfortable training session, allowing both trainers and trainees to focus on refining techniques without compromising on safety. The durable construction, featuring reinforced stitching and advanced materials, ensures longevity under the most rigorous training conditions.

The ergonomic design of Dragon Threads Mitts not only provides a secure fit but also promotes natural hand movement, allowing for optimal performance in various combat sports, including boxing, Muay Thai, and MMA. Stay cool and focused with our ventilation technology, ensuring breathability and comfort even during extended training sessions.

Elevate your striking game with Dragon Threads Mitts – where precision, protection, and performance come together in every punch and movement. Choose a training companion that understands the demands of your journey in combat sports. Choose Dragon Threads Mitts.